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QiSpace® is a next-generation visualization solution that enables property developers to offer virtual tours of every apartment in a project.


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How is QiSpace different from other solutions?

QiSpace is capable of creating photorealistic virtual tours for all apartments in a project, with accurate layout and accurate views from each window. For the first time, you as the property developer can showcase the exact new-build/ off-plan home that your prospective buyer is interested in.

What are the benefits of using 3D virtual tours?

Virtual tours are an excellent way of speeding up and de-risking the decision to purchase a new-build / off-plan property for your prospective buyer. At QiSpace, we have measured a 50% increase in the rate of sales for new-build / off-plan properties.

Furthermore, virtual tours are an excellent differentiator for your digital marketing funnel, and an effective point of sale tool for your brokers.

How 3D virtual tours can increase apartment sales?

Currently the industry norm has been fixed on selling new-build / off-plan property using expensive static CGI photos and 2D floor plans only.

Offering 3D virtual tours, and being able to view the exact apartment of choice creates a stronger emotional connection, helping your prospective buyer self-qualify, engaging an effective dialogue with your prospective buyers, and improving the overall buying experience.

How long will it typically take for you to deliver my project?

From a project delivery point of view, once we receive and validated all required input files from you, including but not limited to, BIM files in IFC format, landscaping design, interior fixtures, material specification, and reference images (if available), we are able to deliver a typical building phase containing 30-50 apartments within 6-8 weeks. Each subsequent building phase of the same project is delivered with less effort, and therefore higher economies of scale.

Do you offer your services for commercial buildings as well?

We do not yet offer our service to purely commercial real-estate but are happy to look at combined residential and commercial real estate projects.

QiSpace® – Win homebuyers with 3D virtual tours

Apartment hunting makes anyone feel downright bummed: the hundreds of pictures to scroll through, the endless list of features and amenities to compare, and the multiple trips in rush hour traffic to get a firsthand glimpse of the layout. But virtual tours of houses have changed it all.

QiSpace® has revolutionized how people search for properties, making it easier for prospective buyers and renters to explore homes with just a click. We have developed a 3D visualization platform that allows everyone to step inside and view the house from all angles without ever leaving their sofa. The immersive and interactive experience is almost identical to seeing it in reality.

The virtual tour platform turned into a riveting selling tool

Imagine showing potential homeowners everything from the layout and design to the materials used in a new-build project. Thanks to QiSpace®, you don’t have to imagine it – you can make it real and engage viewers emotionally from the get-go.

The visualization platform uses our proprietary software to create 360-degree interactive images. And you don’t have to install specific software or hardware to put together your real estate virtual tours.

QiSpace® helps buyers drink it all in when they see your property portfolio. With virtual apartment tours, they can view as many listings as they like, saving time and gas money traveling from place to place. This makes it easier for them to compare different properties and determine which one they intend to purchase or rent.

Besides, if the buyer’s family lives in different regions, all members can still be involved without being physically present. This can sometimes be a crucial factor when investing in real estate.

Leverage 3D virtual tours to grow your sales by at least 50%

Our 3D visualization platform is full-fledged to turn your listings into a tool that converts viewers into buyers. The real-world customer data behind QiSpace® indicates an average of 50% spike in new-build and off-plan sales after you start your journey with virtual apartment tours.

Captivating visuals

The technology powering our virtual tour platform packs photo-realistic 3D models of homes generated from sharp-quality visuals to replicate real-life locations. It portrays every room detail in the property for sale – from bathroom fittings to kitchen cupboards, alcoves, and balconies. That’s how buyers can ‘walk through’ the walls, get a real-life feel for distances between objects, or spin around for different perspectives.

Customization & Analytics

Our platform interface – easy to use even for tech novices – lets you customize your 3D virtual apartment tour by adding descriptions and distinctive features in minutes. If you have many properties for rent or sale, each gets a manageable Prospect Page where you can fill in the blanks with information on the price, floor plans, and more.

Would-be homeowners can then benefit from Apartment Chooser to select their desired apartment. When they use it or explore your 3D tours, their journeys are broken down into insightful data in our platform’s analytics section so that you can tweak engagement and personalize your deals.

Seamless integration

Unlike multi-modular software for virtual tours, QiSpace® is a breeze to pair with your existing website, apps, or marketing materials without additional coding. After a few minutes, you can share 3D tours with future homeowners and keep them in the loop about all property information.

It’s all in the demo

Test-drive QiSpace® to see how it leads viewers to your property portfolio and sales. Contact us to get a demo version, revolutionize your business with 3D virtual tours for real estate, and let your customers fall in love with their homes before seeing them in reality.