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About QiSpace

Our vision is to create the most effective way to obtain and own a new home by imagining reality, virtually. 

To execute on our mission, we utilize innovative uses of cutting edge technology to deliver solutions that result in the selling of apartments in unbuilt real estate developments faster. 

We provide photorealistic virtual tours of ALL the units of your unbuilt property development, combined with customization options for buyers within the virtual tours and property management options through our platform after the building is built. 

We do all of this faster than our competitors, and by providing virtual tours of all of the units in a building, our solution offers a great deal more value for the price than anything else in the market.

Connect With QiSpace

With QiSpace’s 3D apartment chooser, your buyers can visualize where their apartments are located relative to the surrounding area and scenery. Or your buyers can browse apartments in table or list mode with filters on price, size and rooms.
With QiSpace’s Virtual Viewings, your buyers can explore every single room in every single apartment you’re developing and view our accurately generated scenery from every window.
With QiSpace you can add multiple interior design packages to your 3D apartment renderings to help buyers visualize the styling potential of their future homes. (you can even see the apartments without furnishings!).
QiSpace provides high quality renders for marketing material. With every apartment already furnished, we can render any room you see in your virtual viewings in ultra-high 4K quality.
Don’t worry, QiSpace doesn’t ignore the written parts of your listings! Each property gets a prospect page with virtual viewing, pricing and apartment information, downloadable floor plan, and more.
QiSpace’s project admin page puts you in control of your listing. The ‘QiAdmin’ allows you to manage property info, pricing and sold status, and gain valuable insight from user engagement analytics.
Question: Does QiSpace work on any device, allowing your buyers to take a virtual tour of your apartments at home or on the go?

Answer: Absolutely! QiSpace works on smart phones, desktops, tablets, and more.

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