Our Vision

To create the most effective way to obtain and own new homes by imaging reality, virtually.

The QiSpace Team


Fang Liu

Fang loves working in tech companies with interesting challenges. She has a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Bioinformatics. Fang has worked both in international academic institutions as a research scientist, and in tech start-ups in several different industries. Fang is originally from Beijing, China, but has lived and worked internationally. She enjoys reading books and traveling.

Alex Siljanovski

Alex is a Chartered Engineer with nearly 20 years of AEC industry experience. He holds a master’s degree with distinction in Technology Entrepreneurship from UCL and recently exited his first construction/property tech company which he founded in 2013. He is a veteran startup mentor and can often be found motorbiking within the speed limits of the English countryside whenever the weather is good enough.

David Stroud

David has a 35 year long and solid track record in product development in the film and television VFX industry, breaking new ground and delivering award-winning solutions with innovative technology. His passion is to couple simplicity of design and ease of use, with robustness to provide the highest quality imagery. David has lived and worked worldwide, and he loves travelling, reading, football and scuba diving. 


As Chief Research & Development Officer, Tony is a technology wizard who is into martial arts and riding motorcycles. He is a coder at heart, and a serial property investor. He has played an instrumental role in the development of several internationally popular computer games. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur and enjoys solving technical challenges which were never tackled before.

Sales & Marketing

Bjarne Støtvig Jr.

Bjarne has had a long career in consultancy within real-estate, property management and the IT industry. He has worked as a Consultant, and Managing Director for both listed and unlisted companies. He’s experienced in sales and marketing. Additionally, Bjarne has an M.B.A. from Henley/Brunel University and is an Honorary Consul of Finland.

The QiSpace Product Team

Petter Gåsström

Petter is a self-taught 3D generalist and has been creating interactive experiences for the AEC industry for several years. Petter loves creating easy and beautiful experiences from complicated BIM data. In his free time he likes to exercise and dabble in a bit of biohacking.

Olav Aketun

Olav is a tech-savvy, passionate 3D Artist and indie game developer from the heart of Telemark. A jack of all trades and master of some, he studied 3D modeling in Kristiansand and is classically trained in hard-surface modeling. Olav is a connoisseur in the art of photogrammetry and a Unity Engine fanatic.

Matthieu Kiskonen

Matthieu is an engineer and Digital Artist from Belgium. He came to Finland as an Erasmus student and decided to settle there. He has worked at different gaming companies from Wooga to Rovio. In Matthieu’s free time he enjoys playing and building games, playing basketball, and spending time with his family.

Pål Stadeløkken

Pål is a multi-talented generalist with a bachelors degree in 3D graphics. His passion is in cutting edge visualization technology. He started out being a freelancer doing animation, modeling, rigging, before narrowing his focus to Arcviz. Apart from work, Pål enjoys hiking with friends.

Kent Løset

Kent has more than 20 years experience in 3 startups as the main creative lead, doing anything from design to branding, UI, UX, illustration, storyboarding, animation and 3D modeling. He has worked on projects ranging from local sports clubs to rebranding a TV Network with over 50 million viewers worldwide. Kent enjoys traveling and photography.

Jonas Becsan

Jonas is a ardent 3D artist with a background from the gaming and broadcast industry. He is highly trained in real-time asset creation workflows and has experience with onsite creative supervision and training. Beyond work, Jonas is somewhat of an aviation nut and enjoys flying through the virtual skies in his home flight simulator.

Sergey Moshnikov

Sergey is a software engineer with more than 20 years of experience. He jumped on the Agile bandwagon early and has been a strong proponent of agile methods since then. Throughout Sergey’s career he has worked on several different technologies and languages. His hobbies, besides computer science, include fitness, natural sciences, and aquascaping.

Rajeev Siewnath

Rajeev is a software developer with over a decade of experience. His academic background has been predominantly media, arts and design. Professionally he has always been a programmer advocating good coding practice and automation. In his spare time Rajeev enjoys martial arts, video games, board games and fishing.

Sujan Devkota

Sujan has been a software developer for the last 8 years. He is from Nepal, and has come to Norway for Masters degree in Applied Computer Science Expertise in Usability and Accessibility of technology. He’s interested in DevOps and Software Architecture and likes to keep up to date with new developments in technology. Sujan is a foodie and enjoys travelling.

Board Members

Espen Brodin
Executive Chairman

Espen is a Parallel Entrepreneur, who has held many management positions in successful tech companies, including Co-founder, CEO & President at Fast Search & Transfer, Chief Strategy Officer at TFG, IT Director at Christiania Bank / Kreditkasse, SVP at Norwegian Banks Payment Clearing Systems.

Wasim Rashid

Wasim is specialized within developing new business models and innovative technology, and has broad experience with change management in major companies. He has been Executive Vice President of platform economy in DNB, and held key roles from Telia, Schibsted and investments in startups.

Anna Silje O. Andersen

Anna Silje is an Executive Vice President for Membership, Communication and Sustainability at BOB BBL (Bergen). She has a Master of Economics and MBA in Brand Management from NHH. She is an inspirational leader specialized in strategy, sustainability and communication from companies like BKK, Volvo and ExxonMobil.

Kim Øien

Kim loves developing companies with smart use of technology giving measurable results. Being an experienced investor and founder of several tech companies, he specializes in development of tech platforms with focus on storytelling, sales and automation.

Sigbjørn Dugal

Sig works mainly with start-up initiatives in China and Europe, with years of experience in getting new ventures off the ground. Co-founder of Chinese PE investor, Ascend Ventures acquired by Origo in 2006 Founder of Pickatale a fast growing interactive reading platform.

Thom Erik Borgen

Partner at Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig AS.
Thom Erik is an experienced lawyer within contract law, negotiations, M&A, corporate law and compliance. Over the years, he has typically worked on the strategic- and commercial negotiations on top-level.

Advisory Board

Karl Alveng Munthe-Kaas

Shareholder of Qi Holding AS, Co-founder and CEO at Oda.com. He also a accomplished serial entrepreneur and associate at McKinsey & Co.

Baard Schumann

Extensive management experience from large housing development companies and projects. Restructuring of companies with large portfolios and financing of these.

Knut Magne Risvik

Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft. He has a Ph.D. in Scalable Architecture from NTNU and is a Former Chief Architect at FAST & Yahoo, and Director at Google.

Katinka Von Der Lippe

Design Nerd. Jury Member Xuanyuan Award, Norsk Design og Arkitektursenter, Lead Design at Eker Design, Head of Design THINK.

Olav Braaten

Experienced CFO from business development, strategy and financial management. Industrial economics (NTNU), certified chartered accountant (BI).

Johan Solbu Braaten

Former Chairman of BnBank, Gabler og Nordic Trustee. Former Investment director in Storebrand, CFO in Aker & CEO in Carnegie Asset Management

About Us

The QiSpace team has a vision to create the most effective way to obtain and own new homes by imaging reality, virtually. To execute on our vision, we have developed an innovative platform and technology that delivers solutions to help property developers sell apartments faster, with improved communication and engagement from buyers.

We provide photorealistic virtual tours of EVERY room of ALL the apartments of your property development. Combined with alteration options for buyers and property management options through our platform, we help developers flow through the process of building, selling, and creating attractive homes.

We are proud to work with the following companies: